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Q: What are the school hours?

Academy Prep opens at 7:00am and dismissed at either 4:50 pm or 5:40 pm Monday-Thursday, and 4:05 pm on Friday. Students must arrive by 7:30am and are expected to remain for the duration of the school day. 

Q: What about Saturdays and field trips?

Saturday field trips are an integral part of the Academy Prep program. One Saturday each month, each grade level participates in a fun and educational field trip. Field trips are designed to enhance student learning and broaden students' horizons. From hikes to museums, aquariums, and college campus tours, families can expect unique opportunities each month. Transportation from campus is provided.

Q: What kinds of supplies will I need to purchase?

Families are asked to supply students with basic school supplies each year in addition to school uniforms. Supply lists are provided to families in the admissions packet after the June session.

Q: How much do uniforms cost?

At least one of each of the following items must be purchased through Academy Prep:

Uniform Polo Shirt- $16

PE Shirt- $10

PE Shorts- $10

Either a crew neck sweatshirt ($10) OR a zip-up hoodie ($30)

Additional uniform requirements: Navy blue bottoms, a black belt, all black shoes (including laces), and all white crew socks. (This list not sold at Academy Prep.)

We understand that purchasing uniforms and school supplies at the same time may be difficult for some families. Academy Prep offers payment plans for uniforms and sells, when available, used uniforms at a deep discount. 

Q: What kinds of classes will my child take?

Academy Prep offers a unique academic and enrichment program. Students take English, math, history, and science daily. Additionally, students take art, music, chess, and physical education at least twice a week, as well as an additional reading class once a week. When the academic day is complete students participate in the enrichment program. These classes are not graded and offer unique opportunities for students to explore their interests. Choir, band, chess team, cultural arts, cooking, yoga, gardening, basketball, ropes course, and more are offered in the enrichment period. For more information on our enrichment program, go to the enrichment page through the "Our Model" tab!

Q: What teams will my child be able to participate in?

Academy Prep has a highly competitive Chess team students may compete on. We also participate in the Interscholastic Middle School athletics program coordinated by the Polk County Public Schools. The sports available each year may vary based on interest, but in the past our students have competed in basketball, soccer, volleyball and track. We do encourage participation in athletics and make accommodations for early dismissal for students playing league sports.

Q: Is there a school bus?

Academy Prep does not offer transportation. Families are expected to drop off and pick up their child(ren) daily. We understand that this isn't always possible and often facilitate ride sharing arrangements as the need arises.  

Q: How much are meals?

Meals at Academy Prep are free for all students. Breakfast is an optional meal, while all students are required to partake in Academy Prep's lunch and snack. Outside food and drink are not permitted on campus.

Q: My child has an IEP, is Academy Prep a good fit?

Having an IEP does not disqualify a student from attending Academy Prep. There are a wide variety of reasons your child may have an IEP, and no two are the same. As a private school, we are not required to make any IEP accommodations, but our classroom structure often provides many accommodations listed in IEPs. However, there are accommodations we are unable to make and all students are expected to participate in the full curriculum. 

Please include a copy of your child's IEP with their application. If accepted, administration will review the IEP prior to the start of the school year and provide relevant information to all of the teachers. If you'd like to discuss the IEP prior to the application process, please contact us. 

Q: What kind of parent obligations are there?

The education of our students is a community effort, and families play an important role. Families are expected to provide daily transportation, read and respond to school communications, and complete 40 hours of engagement service annually (30 hours for 8th graders). Hours can be earned in a variety of ways, including participation in car pooling, assisting in school events (including field trips), and helping stock items such as sanitizing wipes and facial tissue for classrooms, for example. 

Q: I still have more questions, who can I talk to?

If you still have questions, please contact Student Services Coordinator Keilah Searfoss at or (863) 940-8900.

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Q: What is so different about Academy Prep?

Academy Prep offers a student-centered program focused on helping children meet their potential. We offer small class sizes, single gender academics, a high quality teaching staff, and an extended day; and couple all of this with on-going graduate support for eight years after graduation. Our goal is to provide the community and support every child deserves!